Wednesday, August 28, 2013

10 months

Oh geeeez, my baby is one year old in less then 2 months!!! Where has the time gone?!?! Lately she has been snuggling up next to me and it has been the best part of my day! Oh how sweet and lovely that little girl is! Now here is the list of the amazing things she is doing as of late.
* WALKING she started at 9 1/2 months and thinks thats the only way to get around now
* talks all-of-the-time
* says dada, I don't believe she knows what it means (it makes me feel better)
 * is finally gaining some weight!
* afraid of any sort of animal except our chickens...
* loves animal crackers, grapes, and blue berries (makes for some interesting diapers)
* has 7 teeth
* loves being outside and playing in the water
* has the cheesiest smile 
* loves when you bust out in song 
* gives open mouth kisses (her daddy's favy fav)
*  loves attention
* loves playing games with people, she acts like she is giving something to you and once you reach for it she quickly pulls away and giggles
* loves to talk on the remote, yes remote not phone slowly we are learning the phone
* loves hearing people on speaker phone
I am not sure what to think about her growing so fast! I love seeing it but then wish I would have cherished the time I had with her as a baby more, but lets be honest those first couple months weren't memory worthy. She has grown to be such a sweet little girl with the cutest personality, I enjoy so much just watching her experience new things, her expressions are priceless. Before I know it she will be all grown up and giving me attitude so for now I will cherish her sweetness and love on her as much as I can!!
Sorry for the lack of pictures lately, I am having a hard time deciding if I should and go private or leave pictures off and keep this open to the public...decisions decisions

Monday, July 22, 2013

9 months

Well another month has come and gone and my child has gotten one month older! It's awesome to see her grow and learn but I am saddened knowing that she is not going to be that small forever and wont want to hang out with me as much as I want to hang out with her sometimes. I at night find myself cherishing the little bit of snuggle time I have with her still and I realize what a lucky mom I am to have her as a daughter. She is such a smart, independent, sassy little girl and I love her to pieces. She continues to amaze me with her brilliance, which I don't know why, I mean come on I am her mother after all! 

* She has 6 teeth (4 on top and 2 on bottom)
* She only likes food she can feed herself
* She walks along anything but wont let go just yet
* She thinks she is a master climber and attempts to climb and everything and anything
* She turns the tv off and thinks its funny
* She LOVES playing peek a boo
* She falls asleep holding her blanket to her face
* She loves being outside
* She knows what cabinets don't have locks and goes straight for them
(we call the one under the sink her "fort" because she actually climbs inside and plays in there)
* She still loves swim lessons and has the best motor boat kicks, arms, and can climb out of the pool but still isn't the best at blowing bubbles
* She waves hello and goodbye
* She weighs 14.3lb
* She babbles all the time
* She loves playing with her cousins
* She doesn't really care about cartoons or tv in general
* She loves looking at pictures on the wall of her, mommy and daddy
* She is a hit anywhere we go, everyone thinks she is the cutest!

Until next time... or month :)

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

7/8 a little late

If anyone can believe it (I can't) my lady is 8 months old! What's awesome is month 7 & 8 seem like a blur and I don't remember exactly what months these certain things happened in, oh well at least I am documenting.

She now...
* is a crawler, I describe it as she has a wooden leg that doesn't move so she drags it behind her only using one leg to crawl, it's quite interesting!
* has 4 teeth with 2 more coming in
* weighs a whopping 14.2 pounds
* eats ALL THE TIME! bananas = Leightyn's fave! probably because I let her feed herself
* loves swimming
* loves going to the gym and loves the people there too
* still wakes up 2 times a night but at least its constistant
* walks along furniture
* loves showers and talks really loud while taking one, you can hear it at the other end of the house 
* loves when you sing if your happy and you know it
* gives hi fives
* is a mama's girl... it's almost ridiculous how much but most times I don't mind
* very stubborn
* always on the move, she never snuggles which is a shame, well unless she is tired
* loves brushing her teeth
* knows poppy (my dad) will give her dessert and will crawl to him every time he has some in his hand
* responds to when people say "Hello beautiful"
* doesn't like to play by herself which leaves me stuck in a sticky situation sometimes... (all the time)

Well, like most say they grow up so fast! Boy is that true! This chick is growing up so fast!!! (No it does not make me want another one.... not for awhile!) I just love that she came into our lives! She has been a blessing since day one and I love how happy she makes me! A lot of people tell me how she is such an easy baby... well she LOVES people and their attention and really she is a great baby just sometimes she gets a little should I say high maintenance. I suppose it comes with the territory of little girls and I should get use to it! I wouldn't change her for anything although it does drive me crazy when she pulls my hair, I would change that because its ANNOYING and it hurts but other then that she is awesome! I sure love you little girl!

Friday, May 10, 2013

1/2 Birthday

This chick is already 6 months, really? If you are friends with me on facebook you may have noticed that there has been a photo/video overload in the news feed of this little girl, her tricks are just to cool not to share with the social media! Her bottom teeth popped through, hallelujah! She semi-crawls? It's more like she sits on one leg and pushes with the other. She pulls herself up onto just about anything and just loves eating food. So far she loves sweet potatos, green peas, squash, brocolli, avocados, mangos, peaches, pears, bananas, and apples. So pretty much anything you can make soft she is down with! 
A lot of people always say they can't imagine life with out their child... but I will tell you what I definitely can! It was awesome, I could get so much done around the house, sleep until I wanted, take showers when I wanted, not hear a piercing cry anytime she wants to eat or sleep but I also know my life is so much better with her in it! She melts my heart all the time and I can't help but smile every time I think of her! When she looks at me with those sparkling blue eyes and the grin that could turn anyone's day around I remember how lucky I am to be her mom! The first couple months were the hardest of my life but since I have grown and learned so much! She has taught me many things that I may not have ever learned if I didn't have her in my life! Little girl I will always be eternally grateful for you despite the times I may be irritated with you, mostly because I am tired! I love you with all my heart! Love your mom!

Now we just took some cute 6 month pictures, enjoy!


Tuesday, April 9, 2013

5 months

5 months
My baby is already past her 5 month mark! I can hardly believe it! I feel like in the last week this girl has grown up right before my eyes! She has started all these cool new tricks like sitting up and getting teeth and doing the motion for crawling, not crawling just yet but getting up on all fours! I am really sad but yet happy to see her learning and growing. Its true when people say the time goes by so fast! I wish it wasn't so because I would love my baby to stay a baby for a little longer before she starts anymore cool new tricks! She talks up a storm and L-O-V-E-S peoples attention. Everyone says what a great baby she is and when I don't disagree, sometimes I do because sometimes at home she is not the best... but she is still awesome! She absolutely loves her face being rubbed, my friend Dizzle made her a tag blanket and she loves when we rub the ribbon on her face. I love that she loves it because she is a girl after my own heart! We have been extremely blessed to have this little lady in our lives! I am glad she chose me to be her mom even tho sometimes she may be wondering why I am crazy! 
Here is my new favorite picture of my leading lady!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

The Five Most Interesting Things...

This is a first for me.. My I don't know how you word this but my cousin Kaytee her husband is my long lost cousin Kendall... {Its a crazy story, maybe someday I will share!} tag me in this, so here goes.
Fact One
I still have what my husband would call "remnants" of my baby blanket that I still sleep with. He absolutely hates it! He told me that if any of our children grow an attachment to any certain blanket he is going to throw it out. Kids, you need not to worry, mama's got your back! I will not let your dad be a bully and steal your blanket away, I know what it feels like!
Fact Two
I hate spending money! Its true, I am cheap! Not like that show where people eat out of the garbage or wash their clothes in the dishwasher with their dishes sort of cheap but it is difficult for me to just spend money if I don't have to. I seriously have clothes in my closet from 1972, well not really but you catch my drift... they are old! I just cant get myself to go to the store and spend tons of money on a pair of jeans or a shirt. I wish I was better at couponing and had the patients because I could save some good money doing that. My sister is real good and has tried to teach me a thing or 2 but I still haven't quite grasped the concept.
Fact Three
One of my BIGGEST pet peeves is peoples eating habits! Once I hear the first fork scrape the plate, food smack, saliva swish I go CRAZY! The first act leads to many more which leaves me sitting their focused on that and can no longer enjoy my food. I at times have had to subtly plug my ear because it got that bad. All my mind was thinking was I just want to tell this person to stop eating like a pig but I control my outburst and suck it up and listen to them act like a farm animal. 
Fact Four
I never thought I would enjoy being a stay at home mom. I was always the one who said I would work when I had children. Boy has that changed! I love staying home with the little girl. I think she is the best little lady and her smiles just melt me! She has such a personality and I love it. I tell her all the time that its a good thing she is as cute as her dad and has my personality! Being a stay at home mom is lots of work and I am finding out it is hard to get anything done, luckily this girl is infatuated with the vacuum.. now if only I had carpet.
Fact Five
I hate being late to anything! Family things, church, dinner plans if we are late I am ticked! It is a struggle to be on time to 8:30 church with a baby... now if it was 9:00 I do believe it would be much easier but alas its not! We are seriously late every Sunday and recently I found out why. He and I have different definitions of "late" I think late is not being in your seat before the meeting starts.. he thinks we are late if we miss the sacrament. People also being late to things that we have planned make me upset too, I feel like there is a lack of respect of my time when people show up late.
Well I hope you enjoy learning things about me! Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, March 6, 2013


I teach Relief Society, it's not my ideal calling by any means, but I definitely have grown by preparing my lessons each month and learning from peoples experiences. I teach out of the Ensign also known as "Teach for our times" so it's more of real life experiences which I feel more comfortable with. If I had to teach Sunday School....oh boy would that be interesting and I would suck pretty bad at it! My point of this little rant is I just taught a lesson on family history and then I attended a funeral for someone my dad has known for quite some time. They shared that he had journals and scrapbooks he had completed throughout his life from when he was younger until he passed. He was almost 98 so you could imagine the amazing stories he has written down for his grandchildren, great grandchildren and many more to come in the future to learn and grow from. It made me think, man my grandchildren are going to know absolutely nothing about me because I have done so poorly with keeping a journal, scrapbook and even blogging. I so badly want them to know the struggles I went through in elementary school, jr high, high school, my dating years, when I got engaged, when I was married in the temple to the one and only Craig Gentry, when I found out I was pregnant with little miss, the struggles we had while I was carrying her and the fears I had the entire time, her delivery, and how much I have learned and grown with this little family of mine. I want them to know how awesome I think my immediate family is and what they have taught me. I know I am truly blessed to be in the family I am! So here is to better blogging, I would write in my journal except that it hurts my hand... haha typing just seems so much easier! English was never my best subject, so I may have misspelled words, grammar errors and my paragraphs may all go as one so I hope you can look past that and realize I am not perfect, I am just trying to work on a goal. Here is to the good and the bad that comes into my life and I am willing to share to those who would like to read about it.
I will leave this post with a picture of my little gem